Space is changing Space

For years, space services were offered by a few operators with substantial upfront investment. But emerging launch operators combined with the miniaturization of electronics have enabled private companies to deploy satellite constellations for a fraction of the cost. Despite the growth, operating a constellation in space has been prohibitively difficult for most small companies due to cost and a lack of infrastructure. Stara is changing this.

Building the infrastructure

Our small, low-cost satellites push data more efficiently and bring the cost of space communication networks down to levels that new space startups can afford. There’s no need to invest significant capital and technical effort to build a network. Just like cloud platforms on the Internet, Stara provides the infrastructure as an affordable subscription. Our state-of-the-art network with real-time relay handles it all, so space companies can do what they do best.

Miami office:
Stara Space
4th floor, 820 W 41st St
Miami Beach, FL 33140

Los Angeles office:
Stara Space
2nd Floor, 1240 Rosecrans Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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