Space is changing Space

For many years, space services were offered by a small number of operators with substantial upfront investment. Emerging competitors in the launch vehicle industry combined with the miniaturization of satellite electronics have enabled private companies to deploy constellations for a fraction of the cost. Despite the growth, operating a constellation of satellites in space is prohibitively difficult for most small companies due to lack of infrastructure. Stara is changing this.


Building the infrastructure

The transition from desktops to smartphones required an entire industry to figure out the best way to miniaturize electronics. We're leveraging these discoveries and designing small satellites for a fraction of the cost.

We are designing a new generation of small, low-cost communications satellites to bring the cost of space communication networks down to levels that new space startups can afford. To achieve this, we have to fundamentally change the economics of space by designing a constellation of small satellites capable of pushing data rates to their limits.

Companies who look to deploy and operate satellites in space find themselves in a position similar to the internet before platforms like AWS: significant capital and technical effort is invested in initializing infrastructure, and just like having a platform that automated infrastructure allowed startups to focus on their product, our platform allows companies in space to focus on their core service.

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